My wife's the person that lights my soul. Without her, [[I don't exist|can't live without her]]. I fell in love with her while we were still in school. Not sure how, but [[I managed to seduce her and get her to marry me|marriage]].
But what happened? One thing I'm sure of is that it wasn't something ordinary. Quite the opposite, [[it was a horrific, terrible event|it was a terrible event]]. That is, [[unless]]...
I fled. What happened? [[What was done to me?|what they did to me]] [[What did I do myself?|what I did]]
I have no recollection of what has me so agitated, and how I got to my room right now. [[I have to remember, somehow|beginning]].
[[I was running away|running away]]. I was scared, and [[my room was the only place for me to hide|had to hide in my room]], in my mind. Perhaps [[my memory is running away from me too|memory running away]].
[[Start game.|beginning]]
As I was crossing the dining room, to reach my room, I was [[absentmindedly thinking of what had just happened|thinking of what happened]], I believe. It's funny, that was just a second ago, yet... Then again, maybe [[I was just thinking of what I was supposed to do here in my room|what to do in bedroom]].
Could it be that I don't want to accept what's happened? [[Have I done something awful?|what I did]] Certainly not... [[to her|my wife]]?
If it wasn't for my wife, I would be lost in life. She's my home. Losing her... [[I wouldn't even want to know|memory running away]].
But all I have here that I care about is a picture of [[my parents|my family]]. And... where did that picture of me and [[my wife]] go?
I pride myself of always acting upon my words. My conscience is clean, I don't lie--well, we all say little white lies to keep [[the wife|my wife]] happy, but I never lie when it matters. At least... [[it's what I believe|denial]].
Unless nothing special happened, and it's always been this way. But [[that can't be|denial]]... No; something happened, and [[it was something awful|it was a terrible event]].
I don't know why, but my parents don't seem to like my wife. They never mention her, they don't ask about her, nothing. And don't talk to her if they don't have to. Perhaps they're jealous that [[she's the most important thing to me, now|can't live without her]].
There's a way to find things you've lost recently. You have to concentrate and retrace your every step, remember where you were at each time and what you did then. That technique might also work to recover a lost memory.\n\nWell, then. I'm in my room. How did I get here? Why, I [[crossed the dining room|crossing the dining room]], of course.
Here in my room, is it safe? Perhaps it's not. Perhaps [[I've come to take something|take something from room]]. But maybe it didn't matter where I went, [[the damage was done|it was a terrible event]].
There are things that people don't want to remember, and I'm no different. In such cases, it is certainly due to the [[horrible nature of the memories|it was a terrible event]], and [[denial]].
We held a beautiful ceremony. Pretty much all [[my family]] was there. Hers too, I think. They liked me enough because I wasn't like the other guys who had promised her it all yet never delivered; [[I was humble and could keep my promises|my integrity]].
I have no bruises... I'm sleepy but feel no bodily pain. I have my wallet with me. Whatever happened, [[I forgot about it|I forgot]]...
by agj
Whatever terrible thing happened, it must have been related to one of the two things I care most about: [[my integrity]], or [[my wife]].
What could I have possibly done? If there's anything I'm sure of right now, it's that [[I'm not someone who would commit a crime|my integrity]]. [[I completely forgot|I forgot]]...